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As a child, Laura’s favorite memories took place in her grandmother’s studio in Lexington, NC, where her passion for art was born. She loved going with her grandmother to fabric stores where Laura would collect brightly colored scraps from the floor to take home to piece together for patchwork quilts.

As an adult, she initially set aside art for a career as an elementary school teacher, but the creative drive never left her. Laura’s playful painting style seems to harken back to her days as a teacher, yet her sophisticated palette and abstract visions take on a more learned approach as she explores a wide variety of pattern and color studies.

Laura’s paintings are vibrant with an engaging energy that make the eye dance along with her brush strokes. Eventually her paintings evolved into a line of textiles and in 2016 Laura Park Designs was born.

Laura lives in Charlotte with her artist husband, Trip, as well as her four children and three dogs.

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