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“I was born and raised on the Northshore of Massachusetts.  The coast has always been my playground, and is the backdrop for many of my memories growing up. I love traveling and exploring different places, but I always find myself back in this beautiful landscape, surrounded by the scenes that I live and work in daily.  The constant movement of water, the push and pull of the tides, the rich layers and textures found near the sea – is where I feel at home, and is rhythm that drives my work.”

Much of my formal education is in sculpture and 3D form, and that has greatly influenced the way I approach my painting.  Working in a large scale – moving feely around the work – is where I am most comfortable.  I love to build layer upon layer, often overworking my paintings before making a conscious decision to tone them down to a finished piece.  I once had a painting professor tell me, “knowing when to stop is the most important part of painting.” This is something that has stayed with me, and a constant thought while working on a piece.  I see it as an ongoing dance on the fine line between underworked and overworked.  But in the end, I think I am always trying to identify the stillness in the creative storm. “

– erin clark

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