Virtual Art Placement

Looking to fill your walls but don’t know where to start? The gallery gals get a thrill out of making suggestions, and can even edit photos of your space to visualize different paintings that complement your design concept. Whether you are looking to build a gallery wall or need the perfect painting for your living room, we love to help!

Have you narrowed it down to one or two paintings, but can’t make up your mind? Our mission is to ease any intimidation involved in purchasing original art, and to make the process seamless and enjoyable. We understand that experiencing a painting in your home is largely helpful and even necessary in order to make a decision. For our local friends, taking artwork home on approval is a breeze.  Live out of town? We are happy to ship paintings on approval as well! Simply give us a call or reach out via email and we will make arrangements to ship the painting for a trial in your home.

Original photo taken by Catherine Truman in Natasha Stoneking’s home designed by Kendall Simmons // Virtual superimposing by the Gallery Gals!

We loved helping designer Kendall Simmons bring blogger Natasha Stoneking’s renovated home to life with original art. You can read more about their experience on the Hello Happiness blog, and click here to find out which painting they chose for above the bed!

Email us today to get started on your next project at [email protected]!