Meet the Artists | Contemporary in Color

Get to know these five talented artists of our latest show, “Contemporary in Color!” The show is on display until October 25th, so if you haven’t seen it yet, plan a visit to Atlanta’s Westside & check it out!


Toni’s new “Dialogue” series is dynamic and sophisticated. She starts each painting with a couple of bold, grounding strokes and lets her brush dance around the canvas after that. We also just debuted a collection of small works on paper, which is Toni’s first time working on such a small scale. It’s amazing how she was able to achieve such detail on these!

Q: Do you listen to music when you paint?

A: “Always. I usually find that meditation music puts me in the right headspace to paint. Sometimes, I listen to African music when I paint larger pieces!”

Q: Tell us about the process for your “Dialogue” series.

A: “I make an intention to just step out of my own way and have a dialogue with my paintings. I initiate the conversation with a bold line and then stay in the process without any perceived expectations.  If my eye moves to a certain color on the palette, I choose it without hesitation!”

Be sure to check out Toni’s new series on our website!


Stephanie’s hard edge, geometric paintings are so fun to incorporate into home design. After 15 years as a stay-at-home mother, Stephanie turned her passion into a profession — her work can be found in homes and stores coast to coast.

Q: Your work reflects a lot of geometry – can you tell us about this?

A: “My idea is that squares, circles and rectangles are uncomplicated forms that allow beautiful colors to speak to each other. The focus becomes on the color combinations and the proportions of those colors in relation to one another.”

All of Stephanie’s available paintings can be found on our website!


Last summer, Ansley & Shannon were at Stephanie’s home studio in Buckhead, when they were greeted by a striking painting in Stephanie’s foyer. Sure enough, the painting was by New Orleans based artist Logan Ledford. We reached out to Logan shortly thereafter and are thrilled to have her in the gallery family!

Q: Your work is so unique. What’s it all about?

A: “Chaos, a sense of constant change in everyday life. In contrast, the need to organize and control overwhelms this chaos. My art reveals these contrasting emotions in their sporadic color and organic texture with grid like or centered circle composition.”

You can shop Logan’s latest work on our website!


Based in Salt Lake City, Holly’s paintings are inspired by the beauty of imperfection.

Q: What mediums do you use?

A: “I use a mixture of acrylic, charcoal, and watercolor and 100% cotton raw canvas. Typically my medium doesn’t change, although it is always a mixture.”

Q: Can you tell us about your process?

A: “Each piece starts with a story. A melding of angles in motion, a rhythm of scent, a memory of a dream. I am constantly looking for the inner dynamics, angles, or reference to an imperfect state that creates a sense of beauty through harmony. I seek imperfection, angular perspectives and compositions that are felt rather than understood.  This is my art philosophy- That in this world we live in, there is beauty in not just the ‘perfect’ but finding beauty in ‘imperfection’ does exist.

You can shop Holly’s paintings on our website!


Tommy McDonnell lives and paints in the lovely beach town of Vero Beach, Florida. His works bring a pop of refined whimsy into any space, with their bold use of color and refreshing balance of negative space. Inspired by nature, and the warm, sweet Florida air that surrounds him while he works, the bohemian spirit behind the canvas shows through in each piece.

Q: Where do you paint?

A: “I paint outside on my beachfront terrace under the banana palms, usually after a morning out surfing.”

Q: What inspires you?

A: “I draw inspiration from urban architecture, nature, and the ocean.”

Shop paintings by Tommy McDonnell on our website!