We’re in with Lynn!

Lynn’s abstract works are impulsive, immediate and strong and convey her own struggle with impatience. The pieces begin with mediums that allow her to create textural surface, and as the paintings progress, the intuitive nature of her process begins. Each work is layered with acrylic paints, inks, glazes and other mediums. Colors are added and edited so that the most important elements shine through. The final paintings are atmospheric, improvisational and textural.

When did you first pick up a paintbrush?

I was always a creative kid. I probably began art classes in about the 3rd grade, but it took decades to realize that I could turn this passion and gift into a career. I made the transition to full-time artist about 12 years ago.

Do you have a favorite painting or artist? If so, who?

I am a huge Helen Frankenthaler fan, with Mark Rothko being a close second. I think the scale of their work draws me in, and I admire their restrained use of color.








Are you inspired by travel? What’s your favorite city to visit?

I love to travel and just returned from Grand Cayman. For the past five years my family and I have visited the island during the summer. I love the water and snorkeling in the reef. The coral and brightly colored fish, along with the flavor of the island definitely influence my paintings when I return. I find myself selecting paint colors from that palette.

When you are not in the studio, what do you enjoy doing?

I love to cook and am constantly attempting Pinterest recipes that rarely work out as planned #pinterestfail. I also love documentaries of all kinds, and I’m a PBS/Masterpiece Theater Fan.

Tell us a little bit about yourself!

I grew up in Lafayette, Louisiana and attended Louisiana Tech University in Ruston where I met my husband, Scott. We now live in Alexandria, Louisiana and my studio is located downtown in a warehouse. We have a son, Spencer, who is a senior in high school, and four pet children: dogs, Sister (Chief of Security), Bo (V.P. of Hospitality), and cats, Tinkerbell (Exterior Bird Patrol) and Scout (Chief of Operations).

What is your favorite food or cocktail?

Chocolate chip pancakes and pina coladas…not necessarily together!

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