In the Studio with Taelor Fisher

We are counting down the days until the public release of Taelor Fisher’s “Wildflowers” series! 9 days to go until Saturday, August 24th!

We were lucky enough to get a glimpse into Taelor’s studio and learn about her creative process. She says it always starts with an idea, and a painting in her head that goes along with it. She’ll lock herself in the studio and play around until this idea comes to life. Most of Taelor’s series and larger bodies of work have sprouted from one single painting or concept. 

Taelor works out of her garage-turned-studio in Dallas, TX

“My work has always focused on the idea of nature. I capture moments in my head while surrounded by gorgeous and organic places, or in front of blooming flowers, and then I try to recreate that feeling and memory on the canvas. “

Taelor enjoys practicing her ideas on smaller pieces of paper before she actually takes out the larger canvas to work on. Nine times out of ten, she makes a draft of the painting first. Once she feels like she has a draft that looks right, she puts paint to canvas. The timeline for completion of a painting varies — sometimes it takes a week, others, a month. This depends on the amount of time she has to work, and if the piece is shaping up in the way that she wants it to. 

This brand new collection, “Wildflowers,” was inspired by the wildflowers that emerge at the end of Spring in Texas, where Taelor lives. They start popping up as little green buds, and eventually bloom into gorgeous, brightly colored flowers. By the end of summer, their petals have fallen and the wildflowers have moved on.

“Wildflowers are a true representation of the impermanence of nature. They remind us that time is fleeting, and to enjoy the beautiful moments while we have them. I wanted to capture this concept in this series by organizing the petal, stem, and leaf shapes in a celebratory, moving, and whimsical way. “

Taelor’s hope for this body of work is to give the viewer the same stimulation and feeling one gets when surrounded by a natural place…in this case, a field of wildflowers. 

From neatly stacked rows of paint…
…to finished painting framed up pretty!

We will be celebrating this beautiful new body of work at the Gallery on Saturday, August 24th. Taelor will grace us with her presence from 11:00am – 1:00pm. Make sure you stop by to “Gather at Gregg” — clink glasses with artist and admire the wildflowers! All of the paintings will be available to shop on our website that same day at 10:00am EST.