In the Studio with Susan Gordon

In a makerspace in the Avondale neighborhood of Birmingham, AL, saws swirl, kilns bake, & the sweet aroma of ice cream fills the air. “MAKEbhm” is a gathering place for carpenters, ice cream inventors, & Susan Gordon Pottery, among other creative businesses. We are warmly greeted by Susan as her hardworking team stays focused on their tasks at hand.

The SGP team has grown quickly over the past couple of years to 14 people. Some are rolling out & shaping clay, others are answering emails, the rest are intricately painting gold { which is actually red before firing } details onto pottery. One of our favorite things about Susan Gordon Pottery is the color palette of their collections. It was fun to see all the color samples together in the studio!

The Susan Gordon Pottery team likes to have fun. They refer to their equipment by name…we had the pleasure of being introduced to Bianca the slab roller { see pic above }, as well as several kilns: Elvis, Skeeter, Layla, & Bubbles. They are all adorable. And very large.

It’s no wonder that the quality & customer service of SGP is top-notch. After meeting this fun & dedicated team of people, it makes perfect sense! They truly enjoy spending all day together, creating one-of-a-kind pieces that will be cherished for years to come. We will have several new pieces from Susan Gordon Pottery at our next ‘Gather’ this Saturday, January 12th from 10a-3p at the gallery. We hope to see you there!