In the Studio with Stephanie Henderson

On the top of a hill nestled beneath old Atlanta oak trees, Stephanie lives with her family in a charming and traditional white house where guests are greeted by their energetic Frenchie & darling yellow lab. On one end of the house is a light-filled sunroom that serves as Stephanie’s studio. Blooming hydrangeas are visible through the windows, and country music fills the space. We admire her custom color palette chart as she begins to show us dozens of painted wood panels in varying complementary color pairs that are ready for their magical resin coating. This is the step in Stephanie’s process that gives her paintings the high gloss finish that her admirers adore!

Stephanie hands us each a face mask (not the kind that you apply to cleanse & tighten pores after a long day) and begins to carefully measure & mix the ingredients of the resin. The mixture must be well-combined to ensure it dries perfectly clear, like glass, and not cloudy. She lets us know that she applied blue tape to the edges of the painting before we came so when she peels it off, the edges will be a matte version of the shiny color on the face of the painting.

After a few minutes of continuously stirring, it’s time to pour! Stephanie pours the entire carton of resin onto the painted wood panel and quickly but thoroughly paints the resin across the entire surface, allowing some of it to drip over the sides. Once the resin appears to be level across the entire surface of the painting, she pulls out a blowtorch and fires away at the painting, which eliminates any air bubbles that have formed.

Stephanie sets a timer for 5 hours to come back and check on the drying progress. If a spec of dust lands in the resin while curing, she has to start over! She does point out that small imperfections in the glossy surface add to the character of the piece & remind viewers of the craftsmanship that goes into each piece.

.   .   .   .

Thank you, Stephanie, for allowing us to have a peek into your process!

Gregg Irby Gallery is debuting Dips & Dots, a solo exhibition highlighting the bold, bright pop art by Stephanie Henderson, on Saturday, July 21st 11:00am – 3:00pm.

The colorful collection features Stephanie’s brand new “Good Fit” diptych series as well as her nationally acclaimed “Little Dots” series.

We hope you come celebrate these unexpected color combinations with us!

.   .   .   .