In the Studio with Cherlyn Wilcox

We are jumping for joy as we release new paintings by Cherlyn this week at the Gallery! She created this beautiful body of work after a 3 mo. stint in New Zealand with her husband. While there, she had to paint small due to many factors & upon returning home, went BIG!

Cherlyn said that she had visions of these paintings in her head and was so happy to bring them to life when she returned home to Bozeman, Montana. We’re happy, too!

“For the longest time I always painted only in oils. I discovered acrylics several years ago and it opened up a different approach to painting. The acrylic layers of paint dry so much quicker, allowing me to keep the flow and intuition of a piece going. With oil, the layers usually need time to dry, which can provide time to contemplate your next move. They both have their benefits and I enjoy each one. “

Cherlyn describes her process as very intuitive. She starts by throwing down some paint on the canvas. The colors are sometimes planned out in the beginning but this can change once the process gets going. The first part can be intimidating, especially when there is a large canvas involved. She tries not to overthink these first few layers, and rather just let things happen and surprise herself with interesting marks, as this can be a guide for the next steps.

From there, Cherlyn attempts to reign things in a bit, usually eliminating the unnecessary parts – areas that she feels are repeated or not working with the rest of the painting. Finally, she’ll sit with the piece for at least a few days, making sure she’s happy with it, possibly editing more, or maybe even turning the piece for a new perspective. When the painting feels like it meets her criteria and no edits are needed, that’s when she knows it’s finished!

Please join us THIS SATURDAY during open hours (10-5) as we celebrate this new series by Cherlyn. Pop in and enjoy a glass of bubbly and all her new work gracing the Gallery walls!