Featured Designer Vignettes

Swing by Gregg Irby Gallery to see all of the featured Designer Vignettes. All items are available for individual purchase, or furnish your entire space! Five Atlanta Interior Designers created vignettes that are on display at the gallery until October 1. Head to the Westside to check them out in person!

Vignette designed by Leigh Mowry of Olive Interiors. Leigh used Kathy Cousart’s “Sanctuary” (48×48 $2500) and Erin McIntosh’s “Ember Glow 1” & “Ember Glow 2” (8×8 $160 each) in this stunning sitting area.

Vignette designed by Jenna Gross of Colordrunk Designs. Jenna incorporated Michelle Armas’ “The Knower and the Known” (40×40 $2400), Eva Magill Oliver’s “Release 1” & “Release 2” (48×36 $1600 each), and Kate Merritt Davis’s “New Moon Anticipation 2” (6×6 $100) in this fun living room space.

Vignette designed by Sande Beck of Sande Beck Design. Sande paired Michelle Armas’ “Beat by Beat” (48×48 $3600) with this fabulous pink settee.

Vignette designed by Mandy Culpepper of Mandy Culpepper Interior Design. Mandy paired Kay Flierl’s barns “Beloved” & “Song of Praise” (40×40 $1800 each) with a vintage mid century brass chair and a metallic gold cow hide rug.

Vignette designed by Cathy Rhodes of Cathy Rhodes Interiors. Cathy used Thomasa Seymour’s “Blue Sky Sweep” (36×36 $1200) in this timeless space.