Color Crush

Here at the gallery, we are crushing on summery, coral & peach tones. They just so happen to coordinate beautifully with our brand, so maybe we’re a little biased. Not quite pink, not quite orange, coral beautifully complements deeper cool colors like navy, hunter green, and dark woodgrain. We have a multitude of original paintings in this color palette on canvas, wood panel, and paper suited for all price points. We invite you to peruse the paintings below if you’d like to incorporate this optimistic hue into your home this season!

1. The Jacqueline No. 1 by Holly Addi  2. Aerin’s Estuary by Rae Broyles  3. Informal by Laurence Young  4. Variations 11 by Eva Magill-Oliver  5. Candy Stripe by Sally Boyd  6. Quiet Zone by Sally Boyd  7. Fabric Sketch 14 by Karin Olah  8. Admiration by Shannon Duley  9. Letting Go by Kay Flierl  10. Color Meditation 12 by Erin McIntosh  11. Color Meditation 11 by Erin McIntosh