Q&A with Holly Addi

Who would you consider to be your all-time favorite & most inspirational artist? Do you have a favorite museum?

Cy Twombly…definitely. Love his style of playfulness filled with complete and total meaning, thought, purity and child like sense. My favorite museum? The Cy Twombly Gallery (which opened in 1995), a collaboration of the Menil Collection and Dia Art Foundation, is the subject of a book published by the Cy Twombly Foundation. It is so amazing I could spend days.

Have you been painting from the start, or did you develop your skills later in life?

Since childhood I have had an affinity for all things creative. I was very into writing, poetry, theatre, acting, design, costumes, fashion, you name it. When it came to the artsy side of life I always had an opinion, I think my parents kept wondering just where I had come from. As a child I remember waiting for the Sunday paper to be delivered so I could devour the ‘arts’ section. I couldn’t wait to see the next art news, play auditions, or exhibit. I studied Psychology because I think its fascinating. Psychology is the backbone to the artist’s mind. Shortly after I graduated from the University of Utah at the age of 22, I opened a high end floral studio and boutique named ‘Artichoke & Co.’ which focused on the art & composition of arranging florals and gift design, and painted as well on weekend. Artichokes was a huge success, open for 15 years. After that I was at the point where I decided to get back to my roots and paint full time. For me, it was a wake up call.

Is there a possession you couldn’t survive without?

My daughters. There are three of them…Elle, Emi and Lucy, and the two dogs…Henri and Hugh. And of course some wine at night.

What do you love most about your city? What is your favorite hidden gem?

Salt Lake City has so many beautiful places. From the mountains to the salted sands, lakes, and even urban downtown, I am constantly inspired. I live in the downtown, where there is diversity just as there is in NYC but the way of life is so much calmer and you can jump in your car and be anywhere you want in less than 30 minutes. For my favorite hidden gem there is a new restaurant that just opened called HSL. It is fantastic! This is one place I  must say that the palette of the food is so similar to the palette of colors and it is a great experience.

In everyday life are you a neat freak or messy?

I hate to say it, but I am neat. I can’t go to bed at night until the kitchen floor is wiped up. 

If you could choose your last meal, what would you eat?

Something cheesy…like really cheesy. Pizza? I never eat pizza, Yes, probably pizza.  

Do you listen to music while you work?   

I listen to French music! I love that i can’t completely understand but it’s so dreamy and romantic, puts you into a different world, which is completely necessary in my opinion to create imaginary objects of desire on canvas.