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“Art has always been a big part of my life. In fact I don’t know life without art. My parents tell me that I was painting before I was walking. I remember being a kid and loosing track of time making something out of paper or cloth or some leftover materials of stuff I found.
The whole process of creating objects- plan, and work and touch and feel and keep doing it over and over until its done gives me satisfaction and a sense of truth and accomplishment like nothing else. I crave this and literally don’t know how to live without it.
When I talk about my art, I often refer to it as our art, and that is because what my husband, Curt, does in the work process is as important as my paintings. A big part of an art piece is how it’s all put together. Curt and I plan everything together- materials, frames, execution. Making the wood panels, applying the finishes, making frames from scratch, framing the art, transporting it- all is done by Curt. There are so many details in the work we do and through the years each of us has found our place. Curt’s mind is- in a way- very similar to mine. He is always creating and making something. The difference is that his choice of material is wood, and the things he makes have measurements and straight lines, something so difficult to comprehend for me. It is amazing how both of our abilities merge together in the making of something that brings us both so much happiness. Always create, always work, make something- that’s us. “

– vesela baker

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