Dixie Purvis

Dixie Purvis captures the landscape in a simplified study of sky and ground. Skies are at times vast and open, brooding and bruised, or bright and fiery on the verge of spontaneous combustion. Using many layers of color gives the landscapes depth. The landscapes break the edge of the panels making them feel large and atmospheric. Growing up in rural Alabama, attending college and graduate school in Virginia and living in Atlanta for over 30 years has provided a rich history for Dixie’s quiet landscapes.
“As I have gotten older my memory about specific places and people fades…I am left with a sense of place…color and texture. Known as an abstract colorist and mark maker I find the landscaped restful to do. They are distilled, simplified. I purposefully exclude details…roads, barns, rivers…and instead try to creat a sense of place…sky and ground. I use multiple layers of color to create a feeling of space, light, and distance.”

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