“Just a Splash II” 12×12 on gallery wrap


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Formerly known as Atlanta’s favorite Lower School Art Teacher at the Lovett School, Sara Cameli is still a local celebrity even after her move to Wyoming, Delaware. With a subject that is soothing and familiar like a forest of birches, Sara’s approach to color brings vibrant life into the soft scenes that she portrays.

Sara has always had an eye for inspiration. Her paintings range from stunning trees and landscapes to abstract looks at urban life and city forms. Each work exhibits her mastery of both bold and subtle layering, as she uses scratching and rubbing techniques to create her richly hued paintings.

“Inspiration is a strange phenomenon. I believe you can’t wait for it to shine from the sky like a ray of light; you have to actively search for it. I live by this motto, and I draw energy and inspiration from exploring and observing the shapes, lines and colors that surround me.”

– Sara Cameli

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Gregg Irby Gallery in Atlanta is the contemporary fine art destination for discovering up & coming, regionally, and nationally acclaimed painters.  Located on Atlanta’s Westside, Gregg Irby Gallery is not your typical art gallery. With 30 artists represented, more than 300 paintings and works on paper are hanging in the airy 3,400 square foot space with industrial high ceilings, vintage French lights and doors, and epoxy floors. Our team welcomes visitors as guests, rather than clients, encouraging them to casually explore at their own pace.  The gallery’s passion and motivation is to launch truly talented and hardworking artists and to present established artists as they should be experienced.

In the 20 years of curating the works of artists, Gregg Irby Gallery has proven to be the source for discovering paintings and works on paper that will resonate for years to come.